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Clinical Papers
Articles written by Dr. Denis B. Drennan (DM Systems founder) and other professional medical experts regarding heel pressure ulcer prevalence, prevention, and treatment.

Heel Pressure Ulcers: Your Journey Towards Zero Prevalence
With the increased focus on patient safety, healthcare costs, and quality care, it is critical that all medical facilities have processes in place that address pressure ulcer prevention. This webinar will focus on evidence-based interventions and strategies for the prevention of heel pressure ulcers. Identification of at-risk patients, the relationship of anti-embolic stockings and heel ulcers, legal concerns, and many other prevention and management issues will be addressed. Join us for this important presentation that will assist you and your facility in “Your Journey Towards Zero Prevalence of Heel Pressure Ulcers”, presented by Carolyn Cuttino, RN, BS, CWOCN.

Heel Pressure Ulcers: A to Z
A presentation by Dr. Diane Langemo, in association with DM Systems, called Heel Pressure Ulcers: A to Z. This presentation includes important information about how heel pressure ulcers form, how they can be prevented, and why Heelift® products effectively help prevent heel pressure ulcers.

White Papers

EPUAP-NPUAP: International Pressure Ulcer Guidelines
Download the international guidelines in the language of your choice or purchase a hard copy of the international guidelines at the NPUAP site.
Download a PDF of the guidelines Order a copy of the guidelines

AWMA: Heel Pressure Ulcer Poster

The Doctor’s Guide To: Pressure Ulcers Prevention and Treatment
by Kenneth Wright – June 2011
Download this helpful guide to help you or a loved one better understand how to prevent, treat, and live with heel pressure ulcers.

Heel Pressure Mapping Study
This PDF compares pressure on the heel in a supine patient who wore a variety of offloading devices, including Heelift® Suspension Boot.